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5 Secrets to Keeping Your Office Kitchen Clean

Most businesses have a break area or kitchen where employees can enjoy their lunches and take coffee breaks. If these spaces are not taken care of and allowed to remain messy with debris and food particles, they can breed bacteria, germs, and mould.

Additionally, in an office, many different people come into contact with communal surfaces in a break room or kitchen, which allows for much faster travel of germs and illnesses.

Regular office cleaning is an important part of creating a pleasant work environment for everyone.

1. Keep Cleaning Supplies Stocked Up

Employees can only maintain shared areas, such as the kitchen if they have the correct supplies to do the job. Put paper towels, cloths and multi-surface cleaner on the countertop and extras underneath cabinets. Place a broom, dustpan, mop and bucket in an easily accessible location too and regularly make sure staff know where they are.

2. Keep Track of Fridge Items

Refrigerators can become nasty quickly in busy workplace environments. Appoint someone to do a weekly check on fridge items, getting rid of anything that shows signs of rotting or that is past its best before date. These foods can spoil other fresher foods in the fridge. Inform employees that it is their responsibility to keep a check on their food items and if left to spoil, will be thrown out.

3. Get Everyone Onboard

Draft an etiquette policy for all of your employees, letting them know they should respect the food, equipment and the appearance of the kitchen. The kitchen rules and guidelines will help the employees to develop a habit of maintaining a healthy environment in the office. Remind the employees to be responsible for the thrash they spill in the kitchen and the best ways to get rid of it. The policy will help all employees to learn how to keep the kitchen clean regardless of their hygiene habits.

4. Recruit a 'Kitchen Marshal'

If employees are having a hard time sticking to a schedule or maintaining a clean communal break room, appointing one person in charge of keeping the kitchen tidy can help. They can oversee the general cleanliness of the room, and monitor to ensure employees are cleaning up after themselves and doing their part.

5. Get a Regular Professional Clean

Always determine whether a cleaning company provides cleaning supplies within the agreed-upon pricing – or will you have to pay extra? Some cleaning companies will bring their supplies and equipment with them, while others prefer you have a supply closet on site where they can keep their materials. Have this discussion with the cleaning companies you are investigating so that you are very clear from the outset.

Work with A Company That Feels Right for You

Finding a commercial cleaning service is not difficult, but finding the right service for your business can take a little more work. With these simple tips, you can find a reliable commercial cleaning partner for your cleaning needs and budget.

Are you ready to work with a commercial cleaning company that adds that personal touch both in communications and when delivering cleaning services that will exceed your expectations?


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