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5 Reasons to Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products in Your Workplace

Eco-friendly cleaning services | Commercial Cleaning Force

Eco-friendly or 'green' cleaning refers to the use of cleaning methods and procedures designed to preserve human health and the environment. It typically involves the use of green chemicals, equipment and processes.

Many mainstream cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that are bio-accumulative, leaving traces that build up in the bodies of those who come in contact with the workplace on a daily basis. Eco-friendly cleaning relies on low-toxicity chemicals, natural ingredients, as well as biodegradable materials.

Let’s look at 5 great reasons why you should prioritise using eco-friendly products and cleaning practices in your workplace.

1. It’s better for You & the health of your staff

One of the main benefits felt by businesses that adopt green cleaning measures is the positive impact it has on employees. Exposure to some traditional cleaning chemicals has been shown to be detrimental to human health, with some popular cleaning products linked to skin irritation, allergic reactions and asthma.

Additionally, cleaning supplies such as bleach leave behind strong smells which can be unpleasant for employees to have to work in and can also cause headaches and light-headedness.

2. The products are cost-effective

Eco-friendly cleaning products cost roughly the same as normal ones, with some organic products even costing less. Conventional industrial-grade chemicals can be much more expensive in the long run, because the toxic chemicals used to make these products are abrasive and harmful to human health. This can cost your business by damaging the texture and paint of your office surfaces and making your employees sick.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are less abrasive and offer cost-saving opportunities such as reduced cost of repair and replacement of damaged floors and surfaces, safer work environments, and reduced water use.

3. There are fewer risks involved

When handling conventional cleaning products, several risks are involved for those using the products and those working within the space being cleaned. Since the chemicals used in these products are extremely harsh and toxic, one has to take extra precautions to avoid having direct contact with them. For example, while using these products to clean commercial surfaces, cleaners must wear protective clothing, so the chemicals don’t touch their skin or get into their eyes and nose.

Alternatively, eco-friendly cleaning products have much more natural, gentler ingredients and are not harmful to your skin or body.

4. They can protect your surfaces

You may have noticed that the wood on your conference room table is starting to discolour, the leather on your office chair is starting to peel or your stainless steel lamps look cloudy. This could be a result of the chemicals in the cleaning product you've been using up to this point. Not only are these toxic chemicals not sustainable and potentially harmful to your health, but they can also strip materials of their protective coverings over time. This can change the texture of those items and lower their lifespan.

5. Less waste in landfills and chemicals in our environment

When you or your commercial cleaner uses harsh chemicals to clean your workplace, the chemicals inevitably get flushed down the drain and released into the environment. These substances are having a terrible impact on our waterways, air, soil and wildlife. By choosing commercial cleaners who use environmentally-friendly cleaning products, your business is playing an important role in reducing the negative effects traditional cleaning products have on our environment.

As most traditional cleaning products are made from corrosive ingredients they are packaged in single-use plastic bottles which cannot be properly recycled. Eco-friendly cleaning products aren’t corrosive, therefore they can be packaged using environmentally-friendly materials which are then able to be recycled more easily when disposed of.

It's a win, win situation

From corporate offices, medical practices and industrial warehouses, adopting green cleaning practices can benefit both your pocket, the health of your employees and the environment. Make sure your commercial cleaners are adopting eco-friendly practices when servicing your facilities.

Our team at Commercial Cleaning Force incorporates eco-friendly cleaning practices every step of the way, from the products we select and the methods we use.


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