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4 Tips for Finding the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

Maintaining a clean and sanitary work environment has always been important to any business, and that need is even more crucial these days. Whether it's an office, retail store, dental clinic, or body corporate, your work environment reflects the quality of your services. When you make a good impression you will attract clients back time and time again. You will also increase the health, productivity and positive headspace of your employees by offering them a safe, clean and comfortable space to do their best work in.

But how to choose the best commercial cleaners for your business? Here are 4 tips for finding the best fit for your needs & facilities.

Tip #1 - Communication

How does the commercial cleaning company communicate with you from the outset? This is very important. Do they return your calls, email you back within a good timeframe and are they willing to take the time to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have? If they are meeting your expectations from the early stages of communications with you, this is a good sign that they will continue with this once you accept their services and commence a working relationship.

Tip #2 - References & Reviews

Does the commercial cleaning company you are looking at have good references from previous clients satisfied with the jobs they have completed? Look for testimonials on the company website, and on their Facebook page (if they have one).

Tip #3 - the Size of the Business

Is your business small to medium with pretty straightforward cleaning requirements? A smaller commercial cleaning company may be the right fit for you. If you are a larger business with complex requirements you may need to find a larger cleaning company that offers a very diverse range of integrated services. This is not always the case though, as smaller cleaning companies can offer more diverse services and larger ones less. Make sure you know what you need and find a business that can offer this all to you.

Tip #4 - Cleaning supplies

Always determine whether a cleaning company provides cleaning supplies within the agreed-upon pricing – or will you have to pay extra? Some cleaning companies will bring their supplies and equipment with them, while others prefer you have a supply closet on site where they can keep their materials. Have this discussion with the cleaning companies you are investigating so that you are very clear from the outset.

Work with A Company That Feels Right for You

Finding a commercial cleaning service is not difficult, but finding the right service for your business can take a little more work. With these simple tips, you can find a reliable commercial cleaning partner for your cleaning needs and budget.

Ready to work with a commercial cleaning company that adds that personal touch both in communications and when delivering cleaning services that exceed your expectations?


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